Hwanyobi’s sharing about his ex- gf

8 Mar

Posted/ Translated by Leandrosxxi
Soompi page 148/Post #2948

More musings about Hwanhee’s sharing at this page onwards…

Here gose the translation of the article about what Hwany talked on Yasim-manman show.
the origianl article News en http://newsen.com/news_view.php?uid=200903081217021001

Hwany from FTTS gave an episode how he took back a girlfriend after breaking up that he confessed his love with a song.

Hwany was on the SBS Yasim-manman show and he confessed of his separation and reunion with his girlfriend from the past

On the show there was a section which the subject was taking about ‘ a song which makes your heart even more painful after breaking up with your partner’, Hwany started saying ‘ in the past I had a girlfriend when I was in a difficult situation changing my representative agency’

Hwany said’ she wanted see me always but I was annoyed with her coz I was in a very difficult situation,
the day before she went aboard to work I said to her to break up, and told her to find someone better than me,’

According to Hwany he regreted a lot after what he had done and he really missed her that he called her ,
but she already became very cold and she was with someone else who were very kind to her long before

But Hwany couldn’t give up, he said’ I begged her to give me another chance’, ‘ finally I could regain her with a song’
,Hwany’s confession caused many interests

This Hwany’s touching confession will be aired on Yasim-manman show 11.10 p.m on Yasim -manman show


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