Do we suit each other ?

9 Mar

Posted by Pallycute
Soompi page 149/ Post #2971

Summarize Caps
Do We Look Suit Each Other?



Feed Me

“Even though it was just a film, the way she takes care of me with her cooking
I really think about it and I almost cross the line”

Remember when Yobi was on radio, and Hwany become her guest interview?
Actually this is not exactly what hwany said I mixed a bit, because I forgot what he said sweatingbullets.gif

Between Bread, Chocolate and Caramel

“There is a love that they give to each other”

I know that chocolate originally wasn’t buy by him
But we must appreciate his effort to make Yobi feel better

I’m Starting to Admire You

“Your cooking, Your singing and your laugh makes me to start admiring you”

Hold You

“You’ll always be there..looking just at me, it feels make me warm and comfortable”
“If you need me, I will always beside you, hold you and I will……”

Wait For You

“Because you’re very kind to me, I will do everything for you and waiting for you”

And This Is Song For You

“This is the way I express my feelings for you, because I was too embarrassed to tell you directly”

Did you notice Hwany when he sang “My Person” he changed (forget) the lyric?
Originally: Is it alright, if I look at you? And then become “Is it alright if I LOVE YOU?”
What do you think? Is it his true feeling?? Oh I’m thinking too much laugh.gif



He Plays Around, But Still Protect Me

“He keeps mistreating me, but he still does everything I ask and protect me”
“He is a dignified man as the old people usually describe”

The Happiness and Sadness

It always feels good when you little down and sad there’s someone beside you and cheer you up.
And not only that , we can share our happiness to them too

Our 1st Duet, Our 1st Song

Suddenly my hearts start palpitating
When we were singing together in the concert

I never met someone who fits my action so well
It might not be much compared to “Endless Love”
But it seems like a married couple’s song now

Your Touch, Your Eyes, Your Lips

“Your touch, your eyes, your lips tells everything”
“And I know I found in you my endless love”

This Is For You

My painting with my sinful hearts and your painting without any emotion

Even tough, Yobi said Hwany’s painting without emotion, but she still used a frame to the painting

The Gift
Teddy Bear <–> Pooh & Friends
Couple Necklaces <–> Gloves, Socks & Earmuffs

I hope this is not the last gift you gave to me
I really want we can give our love to each other as a gift

I’m just realize (too late) that Hwany and Yobi gave each other doll, and Hwany always give more than 1 item

Our Memories

This is the story we made together but this is my dreams too,
I hope we can make this dreams come true in real life as real couple

At This Moment

At this moment only we, who knows what it feels like
And we know that this not the end, but start for our friendship, our deep friendship and then…..


Maybe this is a fake marriage, but these memories always keep in my mind and hearts
I hope someday we can continue our marriage life as a real couple


4 Responses to “Do we suit each other ?”

  1. khalizahkamsin June 11, 2011 at 4:08 pm #

    yesssss…., suit each other…, for really…, ahak…..

  2. pdat April 9, 2011 at 4:07 pm #

    omg~so sweet!gonna cry!

  3. clover October 26, 2010 at 1:59 pm #

    can i get my person lyric in english translation? i like that song so much…..

    • BeautifoolDreamer October 27, 2010 at 3:40 pm #

      Hi clover….really sorry I have tried to source for the lyrics too but none. I know there was before. Or you may want to try asking at hwanhee’s fansite..hope this helps.

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