Hwayobi who had experienced 5 months of virtual marriage through WGM speakes her impressions

10 Mar

Posted by Miera/ Translated by Leandrosxxi
Soompi page 126/ Post #2559

Hwayobi who had experienced 5 months of virtual marriage through WGM speakes her impressions
@ NewsEn Source: Original Article hereJournalist Lee Hyun Woo
Translated by Leandrosxxi/ edited by Hwanyobifan

“It was a new experience for me. To be in an entertainment show it is hard for me. But in WGM I could be natural showing just who I am, so I was quite comfortable. After leaving the show what I remember most is the fans’ love to Hwanyoby couple, even the overseas fans opposed to our leaving the show.”

Hwayobi said, ” But the most meaningful matter is that I’ve gained a truthful and deep friendship with Hwany. When he debuted as FTTS I already liked his voice. He is a singer who makes me expect a lot because of his progress not only with my position as a colleague but as a listener too.’

As a virtual hubby she gave him high marks. “Hwany knows how to be responsible in Love, his wonderful self management and constant way make him really good candidate as a hubby.” But when she was asked if Hwanhee is a good candidate for her she denied with her hands while laughing and once again mentioned the deep friendship.

Hwayobi said, “Without no doubt, I’ll be married at 32 years old.” and laughingly, “Don’t you think I will become good wife and mom as I appeared in WGM?”

Recently Hwayobi released a mini-album, “This is love” and returned as a singer again. With this album she tried to lighten her title as a R&B singer. Her new music feel is trendy and of sensual sound mix.
Note from Lean sis: * the fist part when Yobi mentioned overseas fans it ‘s not sure if she said or the journalist said but it was mentioned.

Some comprehension questions here...
1. What does “deep friendship” mean ?
2. Why will she only get married at 32y.o ?

Ramblings on the above questions can be found from this page onwards.


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