Yobi’s gossip insight

10 Mar

Posted by Hwanyobifan
Soompi page 152/ Post #3039

We reached our 150th page and celebrated it with the creation of a beautiful memoir site for us to reminisce about our sorely missed couple, Hwanhee & Hwayobi. Just because I don’t post much doesn’t mean I forgot about them. And because I have yet to resolve my PS issues (i badly need a tutor), I’m stuck in making four MVs (also I’m not the most patient person with PS, ugh.). I’ve yet to learn how to use Corelle for my MV, and there’s one piece I’m working on which I hope will be ready before my bday—but I think there are more pressing issues now so that’s the reason why I’m back posting.

It’s such an irony that just as we are celebrating, we received disturbing information like this that covered our great shiny moment with dark clouds over our heads. We love our HwanYobi so much. For most of us who spent time still posting in here, even though our couple left WGM a month ago, is proof enough that this really is great love. And I believe this is the best time for us to see that in loving, we should accept that there will be times of difficulty, of a bit of pain; that this won’t be a ride without bumpy roads ahead.

I was reading “The Little Prince” to my nephew, and there is a passage there that I wish to share with everyone: “One sees well only with the heart. The essential is invisible to the eyes.” We all sometimes get too involved in finding clues (I am one of you) and it’s important, too, don’t get me wrong. But the sudden appearance of the cyworld messages is just so off. Is it really a clue? I leave messages here signed with “Love Y’all”. I end my letters to people who are close to me with the word “Love”. I say “I love you”, too, to close male friends who were thankful of my sisterly support. It doesn’t diminish the meaning of the word, even when it is said to a husband or a bf. Love is love! As I mentioned earlier—smoke and mirrors—like how magicians want us to focus on the illusion and making us believe on something that really isn’t there at all.

At the moment, as long as they are working together, continue to talk to each other, supporting/caring for each other, I am in a happy place. Of course, I get disturbed too by one or two news or comments that I see in YT (I still have a heart, after all). I guess for health reasons (haha, sis Miera, the insurance cover is definitely much needed now!) whenever we see something we should learn to exercise delaying our reactions, take calming breaths, learn how to step back and see the whole picture.


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