Hwayobi: “Come To Play’

7 Jul

050710: Hwayobi on “Come To Play”

Part 2 onwards can be watched here.
credit: Crazsri

Hwayobi was on “Come To Play” show with Lyn and Gummy. The other guests were Haha, Mc Mong & Gary (Leessang). She shares some interesting personal stories at the last part of the show.She mentioned that she didn’t go out for 3 whole months when she was to undergo her vocal nodule cord  surgery, she coped herself in her room, cover the blinds, then would take a peek at the blinds. She was sad because she is a singer and she is scared that she would lose her voice. But now she is fine.  We need to not only cross our fingers but our toes ^^ if it does get sub.. It is a hilarious and interesting talk show. It seems like she was sharing also about a story of a boyfriend or ex- boyfriend. I’m rather curious what was shared as Lyn seems to be very aware of that story and was involved in the “storytelling”. For this vid to be subbed we need to pray hard…very hard i guessed ^^.


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