Hwayobi won 5.39 million won

7 Jul

060710: Hwayobi on 1vs100 Challenge
Part 2 onwards can be watched here

Source: Newsnate

Our smart diva, Yobi ssi has won 5.39 million by outwitting 100 contestants.  She was the last four who surpassed all the rounds. In the final round, she was the only contestants that got the right answer. She seems to be in disbelief when she won ^^. Since she serves as an ambassador for a human relief organization, World Vision. She will be donating her prize money to World VIsion. Congrats Yobi ssi ! and a great act of kindness. We are so proud of you Yobi ssi !!! A fan ever called her a misunderstood genius…she is indeed^^. Isn’t she ?


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