Hwanhee is like a cactus…

8 Jul

Yobi on a recent radio show

Hwayobi has been on radio shows daily but sadly we have no source to share on what she has shared in those shows. So i thought of posting a past radio goodie that was shared by Leandrossxi sis.

In April 2009, Fly to the Sky was on a radio show called, “O Jing O”. Yobi had left a recorded message about Hwanhee. This is the same radio show where they had interviewed Hwanhee on Yobi…can be listened  here.). Below is the translated transcript courtesy of Leandrosxxi sis.

From Yobi:
HwanHee…Whom I know…
“Many people think that he should be blunt and cold, that he doesn’t speak at all ,but what I see is that he is sensitive and when he is soft he is really soft person. And when he is weak he becomes really weak. I think probably he has changed because he knows well of his softness and as a celebrity singer he had experiences , and most of all he is one who controls himself and takes care of himself very well ,also he does his best doing exercises. He is a friend but there’s so many things that I can learn from him. After saying all these things about him, he seems to be someone great…this man.

And He is definitely fearful,
He is like a cactus, when I’m close to him I can’t find any part of him to hold .. it looks like he has thorns everywhere. He is someone fearful but it could be only my thinking and I assume that he is fearful,probably he doesn’t intend to be. He is a poker face man. anyway he is a very serious person. “


2 Responses to “Hwanhee is like a cactus…”

  1. BeautifoolDreamer July 16, 2010 at 11:35 am #

    If ever that day comes….we’ll see 🙂

  2. sqd66 July 15, 2010 at 10:33 pm #

    awww..we all know this about Hwanhee don’t we? I honestly can say that Hwayobi reads people so well. I hope that barrier that he has ,whatever the reason he is that way ,that he opens up to someone.Hopefully by now Yobi has broken through that cactus like person. maybe after he heard what she said about him. We will never know unless one day one of them speaks of each other.

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