Hwayobi still busy…

10 Jul

Yobi was on KBS2 “Imagination Battle”. She looks really lovely and cheerful in this show ^^. The best part is that we get to see a snippet of Yobi speaking in English to the Africans that they were to scout in this show. Unfortunately, we can’t get to watch the full show as the uploaded show is incomplete due to download error. Watch here Part 1/ Part 2.

I’ve just watched Yobi on Yu Hui Yeol Sketchbook on KBS world. She looks really beautiful on TV screen. Emitting a diva glow ^^. The talk section was heart warming. Yobi actually did a video message to her future 40-year- old self. Her message was, “

“Rea- ah (Her real name). Do you have lots of wrinkles ?
Don’t forget to pull  them up.
Kudos to you for living as a singer.
Live as your heart desires, like you always have.
That way you won’t have any regrets.”

Check out Yobi singing “Honesty” Live on radio show here & her appearance on Star Golden Bell (eng sub) here.


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