Hwanhee’s new single

13 Jul

” 내가 더 아플게/ I’ll Be More Hurting”

Below is the message from Hwanhee’s Official site about the new single that was just released today. As always his crying sensation is just awwww. Nampyeon & Gaettongne heavenly voices have this significant “crying sensation”. If our dream will ever come true the chemistry of their voices in a ballad would definitely be a tearjerker. Can’t wait to understand the lyrics that he wrote.

Hello, Hwanheesoul family

Finally it’s the beginning,
July 14th at 00:00AM, starting MNET then from all other music sites. Hwanhee’s new digital single will be released. Hwanhee set the lyrics to Sinlnsu’s music and they got back together to make this song after 5 years.

Other than existing music videos this digital single’s produced as a short drama (film-10 minutes). After the song and the teaser M/V are released, this short drama will be out. Hwanhee himself acted in this short drama which will show beautiful pictures, music and acting for this new song. This is a little gift from Hwanhee to the family who always cheered, waited and supported him whenever he was down.

Please look forward to Hwanhee’s new digital single, “I’ll Be More Hurting” (subtitled: Gasumapado 2) with love.

Always stay healthy.
Tanslation credit Kate@HwanheeForever / Hwanhee Network


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