Hwayobi on tVN Really show

17 Jul

Part 2 to Part 4 can be watched at Hwayobihavennet2 channel.

Will re-upload soon.

Sorry for the low quality video and sound. It sounds clearer with an ear piece. For now, I can only retrieve this video via video capture. But it is worth the capture as we get to see Yobi in her daily life as an artiste. A daring soul who always dare to express her real self with no pretence.

I guessed the stylist seated beside Yobi in the car is the one who suggested to Yobi to bring the same luggage as Hwanhee during the Ant Tour episode. As she has been Yobi’s stylist for a while. Since WGM I bet many of us have been missing watching Hwanhee & Yobi in their “real life situation”. In this show it also shows Yobi close relationship with her back- up dancers who are also Hwanhee’s dancers. The dancer room she practiced is filled with Hwanhee’s posters too. Their circle of friendship is very well- connected indeed as we know.

Thanks to Han Ahreum for the video. Enjoy !!!


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