Hwanhee released titled song…

5 Aug

His album can be purchased at YESASIA.COM

Source: Morningnews
Credit : Kate @Fanyforever fancafe/ Kung_04_ka @Soompi

Hwanhee who suddenly had to stop his album promotion and broadcasting because of his voice trouble last year around December, released the title song of second mini album on 5th this month.

Early Aug. 5th morning, Hwanhee’s new song was ranked on top of every each music charts and has been a sensational issue.

Recently Idol groups were ruling the Korean music field and the reality was hard to get a chance to meet the solo singers who are truly talented and gifted, but since the singers like Boa, DJ DOC who are very much talented coming back to the field and adding Hwanhee’s new album releasing news, people are greeting with cheers.

Hwanhee who is coming back with the song that is about the hardness of broken love stated that “It is a truly hard thing to let go of your lover.” and also added “I’ve tried hard to put the stories can arouse sympathy of the people. This will give me an opportunity to come forward to my dear fans who’ve waited the album.”

One of Hwanhee’s company related persons expressed that Hwanhee was having very busy days to prepare the comeback stage and he will definitely show a great performance that is enough to make his long waited fans satisfied.

Hwanhee will be performing at Mnet Countdown (5th) and KBS Music Bank (6th) with leveled live and powerful performance. Especially he is going to perform a fantastic b-boying performance with ‘PCA’ crew that participated in Hwanhee’s Teaser M/V that was released on Aug. 2nd.


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