080810: Hwayobi on KJE’s Chocolate

9 Aug

Was silently hoping for Yobi & Hwanhee to appear on this show together. As always hoping to see a duet from them and of course, their on- screen interactions that we have been missing. I guessed for now we can only dream on…O’when ?

Yoni looking adorably sweet in Pink and she sings a solo slow number of “Bye Bye Bye”  & “Haru Haru” with Narsha (original singer, Yoon Mi Rae). During the talk part, she was teaching Kim Jeung Eun a trick for a sexy pose^^ that she did for her sexy pictorials. As always she ends the conversation with a witty comment that sends the audience laughing. Videos  below…credit: bikymy200.

Hwayobi sings “Bye Bye Bye”

Hwayobi & Narsha Talk part

Hwayobi & Narsha “Haru Haru” original by Yoon Mi Rae


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