Hwanhee & Hwayobi concert appearances

15 Aug

Yobi is still active promoting “Byebyebye” at concert events. Above photo is from  her concert event on 13 Aug 2010. A very far glimpse of her appearances (Fancam “byebyebye“/ Fancam 2 “Talk cut“). Hwanhee as we know just made a comeback so we’ll definitely see more of him, above photo is from his appearance on Y-Star Live Power Music on 14 Aug 2010.

Since Hwanhee’s comeback we have been spotting similar rugged casual styles that Yobi has been donning for her comeback rite ? I guessed since it has been a hot summer weather, coincidentally, both have chosen casual styles with cotton tops and jeans to dress cooler for the summer season. Especially, when they are performing at outdoor events which is definitely hot hot hot. Amidst our fanfic couple adoration, we are trying hard to rationalize too sometimes ^^. To keep us sane while still loving them  ^^.


One Response to “Hwanhee & Hwayobi concert appearances”

  1. Mary August 11, 2013 at 4:17 pm #

    Hwanyobi fighting

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