Hwanhee on radio shows

23 Aug

200810: SBS Powertime Part 1

Part 2 here. Credit: yhwanhee

220810: Hwanhee on Cool FM Part 1

Part 2/ Part 3/ Part 4/ Part 5. Credit: Yukichi2525

In both of these radio shows he was asked about the style of ladies he is attracted to and in Powertime Radio show the DJ also asked how many relationships did he have before. There’s also mentioned of “We Got Married/ Gaettongie”, especially on Cool FM where a fan asked a question on Hwayobi ssi (Part 3). It wld be great if anyone has any ideas on what was talked about here. Do share here if you do ^^…sharing is caring.

In 2009, during their comeback after the “We Got Married” both of them were always being interrogated on their friendship when they were on radio shows. We had some priceless radio interviews on this which was subbed (will re-upload if there’s requests). However, after Yobi’s confession on her then relationship, this interrogation stops. Since her confession is the answer to many curious minds. The day Yobi taught us on Hwanyobi land…on 10 March 2009…Read on here. In some ways, I am glad that Yobi was honest about her relationship, it helps us fans to stay sane than trying to be immersed insanely in search of  “HwanYobi couple” possibility.

Now, with Yobi’s recent single life, it seems that another wave of that curiosity surfaces again or would I say the “HwanYobi hope” re-lighted…maybe. In radio shows, Yobi also couldn’t avoid being asked questions pertaining to “We Got Married” and nampyeon of course. Although, it has been  about 2 years since the show was aired, their couple presence is still very much remembered. A significant couple presence indeed. A duet at least…pretty please.


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