The Beautifool MV

17 Sep

Hwanhee & Hwayobi First MV: “It’s okay/ Destiny

credit: JjangHyoSoon Youtube Channel

To those who have been following HwanYobi since the beginning of their communion, you would definitely find the MV i posted above very familiar. This was one of the early fanmade MVs beautifooly created by Rikkimargarette sis. Yatta! She’s back.  It has been a while since I listened to their couple song, “It’s okay” and it is still very heartwarming to hear it and to watch this very first MV made with much “heart work” from Rikki sis. It is like a dejavu feeling of watching it for the first time in Sept 2008…the beginning of our beautifool hope wherever it will bring us too.

Watching this MV, I can’t believe it is already over 2 years but they both have definitely have  grown gorgeously. Especially, Yobi who seems to be more youthful and beautiful as she grows. Nevertheless, charming Hwanhee is at his best physique. As singers both have surprised us with varied persona and styles that always left us in awe with their heavenly voices. They are our beautifool couple indeed.

Recollection of their MV is indeed a beautifool memoir of  their beautifool reel communion that seems to make some of us grow fonder of them as time passed by. It is probably because of their absence as a reel couple that we have witnessed and missed.

“Absence makes thy heart grow fonder.”

Kamsahnida HyoSoon sis aka RikkiMargarette….you are jjang!. Do head down to her channel, hope there’s more of these precious re-uploads ^^.


One Response to “The Beautifool MV”

  1. sqd66 September 18, 2010 at 2:27 am #

    I watched this never realizing it was sis Rikki’s movie. It was beautifully done. That was he beginning. I loved seeing the part Hwanhee helps Yobi fix her shirt or put a towel on her neck. It was a moment that stood out because up to that point he was so distant and harsh(maybe a strong word) with her. Thanks sis Rikki!

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