Pics from Hwanhee’s Cyworld

25 Nov

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credit: Hwanhee’s cyworld

Hwanhee has just recently uploaded some photos in his cyworld. Behind the scene photos from his drama media conference. He also likes to change his cyworld songs and recently, he has been re-playing some old songs that he likes to repeat in his cyworld, especially song by Tyrese “Gotta Get You” (listen here) & Joey Mcintyre “Stay the same” (listen here). Check out the lyrics ^^…to whoever and whatever reasons these songs seem to be his hot favourites, one can’t help to but…..? ^^. To those in this circle of beautifool memoirs should know the but for what right ^^?

While Hwanhee is still keeping his cyworld alive, Yobi has closed it down about couple of weeks ago. With no rhymes and reasons :(. Let’s see what’s next from her.

One Response to “Pics from Hwanhee’s Cyworld”

  1. bjboujack December 18, 2010 at 1:00 am #

    why? yobi closed her cyworld i miss their couple time…wanna see them both so sweet couple…its look like real…

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