Hwayobi co- produced Younha’s upcoming single

7 Dec

It was recently revealed that singer Younha’s EP album titled, “Lost In Love” will be scheduled for release on the 16th of December.

The album contains a total of five songs titled “Lost In Love,” “Please Take Care of My Boyfriend, “In Dreams,” “To Wait,” and “One Shot”. Additionally, “Lost In Love” will be released on the 9th, one week before the rest of the album.

The song, “Please Take Care of My Boyfriend“, was co-produced by Hwayobi and Hwang Chan Hee. This song will be released on 9 December, before the full album that will be released on December 16th. In Younha’s previous single, Yobi has written the song, “Broke Up Today”. Source: Soompi

We shall wait till Dec 9th to hear Yobi’s work ^^. Sorry, it has been a long while since our last update.  More updates to come & gd news is that Yobi left a message in daum fancafe today. Hope to share the translated message.


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