MBC to cut “Stormy Lovers” to 50 Episode

12 Jan

credit: dramabean.com

It seems that MBC has reported that the drama, “Stormy Lover” will be cut to 50 episodes due to its low rating of about 4 percent. This decision seems to cause anger amongst the drama fans for the harsch cut of over 100 episodes to 50 episodes. So now, Hwanhee has time to do a duet with Hwayobi ^^. Omooo…Read more at Dramabeans.com

My personal view on this drama, it is not my cup of tea since it is rather dry with too many storylines. Initially, Hwanhee’s acting was rather disappointing as it can be seen that he was “really acting”. Especially when it comes to the chemistry and relationship with his “love partner” in this drama, not much realness and fluidity of their chemistry. However, as his characters progresses, he is able to portray a believable sorrowful presence. He seems to have improve in his acting but it seems when it comes to romance moments, he has yet to chill me like how he did at the backlane of the hanok with Hwayobi ^^.Probably, a biased personal view but i believe from his development in this drama, he may surprise us with more believable acting in his future work. Hwanhee fighting! Hmm…since “We Got Married” is looking for a new couple cast, why not they have “We Re-married” since Hwanhee will be available and I guessed Yobi too…^^.


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