Happy Birthday Nampyeon!

16 Jan

Happy 30th Birthday Hwanhee!
생일축하합니다 !

Based on Korean age, nampyeon is 30 years old now… a grown young man!
May your life be blessed with many joyful moments…

I so love the above photo. A genuine expression of ???…only he knows ^^. Today, Hwanhee changed his cyworld song to, “Never want to live without you” by Eric Benet (listen here). Recently, he has been uploading songs that reflects on a theme of loving and fortunate to meet someone. Songs that he uploaded previously, was Fortunate by Maxwell and Hold My Hands by Akon/ Michael Jackson. May he find true love that brings lots of joy to his life…if he can’t, we know of that special one that will bring joy to him ^^. Don’t we ?


One Response to “Happy Birthday Nampyeon!”

  1. sqd66 January 17, 2011 at 1:56 am #

    Happy Birthday Hwanhee. May the year be one you continue to succeed in. I know this year will bring a big change to you as you go into the Military. Wishing you all you desire.

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