Their unforgettable Valentine’s Day Duet..♥

13 Feb

View here *Opps I actually gave the wrong video before.

You can read the Valentine’s day posting at soompi which made most of us went LOVE DAZED watching their concert photos and vids. You can read it from this page (click here). On that very day, the special gifts from overseas fans by us were delivered to them too (click here for the gifts). or the gifts from Korean fans here.

““Meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was a choice,
but falling in love with you I had no control over.”
– anonymous

Below is the concert review, from the HwanYobi fans who attended the event courtesy of Leandrosxxi sis posted on 14 Feb 2009.

Part 1
Yobi appeared first and  sang three songs. When she was about to leave Hwany appeared and gave her a bunch of flowers(that bunch of flowers was for the concert event ,was not brought by Hwany for her).
They started to sing Endless love, beautifully. Yobi was singing with her eyes closed but Hwany was staring at Yobi all the time. His eyes were following her always and he was smiling happily. He looked very pleased watching Yobi singing and we should say his gaze was full of love too. The bad thing was that the emcee was really pessimal. He should have asked clever questions to them but He didn’t do that , talking only craps.

Well, after they finished singing Endless Love the emcess asked ”You both perform beautifully but why did you separate? now are you in divorcing term ?(*stupid)”. Hwany answered ”It is  better  to be separated when we have an unsatisfied feeling…that way we can remember to watch other more.”

Then Yobi sad she had to go while hitting Hwany. Hwany said that she must go…

Part 2
Yobi was leaving with the bunch of flowers which gave hwany but the stupid emcee told her that the bunch of flowers was for the event and she shouldn’t take it with her..
HH said..” It’s ok, you can take it with you” in a very sweet way. But that flower appeared again later in a proposal event.
Hwany complained a little and looked a little heavy in his mind when he saw the flower.

Goodies shared by Lean sis

“Dear sistas, before i go to sleep I wanted give you some more goodies about the concert. I already told you that Hwany was smiling  ear to ear straring  at Yobi all the time. Actually he never took  his eyes off her until she has gone. When she was leaving with the the bunch of flowers. HH saw that Yobi was carrying  the flowers carelessly. He said while looking at Yobi’s back ” You are going to drop it. Be careful”. Same like  how he will nagged at her on WGM. At the end of the concert some of the fans asked Hwany if he had another schedule.. he said. “I have to go home , I ‘ll eat rice and laver & will sleep early” ^^. And the Mc asked him if he had a girlfriend he said definitely not.

Omo those are our memories with them….for whatever  reasons his smile and stares are meant for ? Only he knows.


One Response to “Their unforgettable Valentine’s Day Duet..♥”

  1. sqd66 February 14, 2011 at 4:28 am #

    Thanks for posting this. Those eyes and stares of Hwanhees were very telling. Anyone who sees this video will see he was happy Yobi was there. Ahhh if only we knew their heart.

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