Hwanhee is closing his cyworld

21 Feb

22/2 Updated: Overnight, Hwanhee has changed his cyworld status to ” 나란인간 대체어떤인간인가” – literal translation is “Is any human being who I am replacing” / “Who am I…what kind of person am I ?” – Wonders why he posted quite a sad sounded status. Or maybe it is related to his new upcoming album. Maybe.

Today, Hwanhee has updated his cyworld with a profile status of ” 보낼수밖에”/ Leaving” , with a message he left on the front page that says that he will be leaving cyworld for a while and to his friends to call him on the phone.

The last song he posted on his cyworld is “You that I can’t send away” by Park Hyo Shin (Eng sub here). For the past weeks, he has been posting rather fallen songs about love struggles such as, “Moving Mountain” by Usher, “I hate you” by Jung In and “Stand up for love” by Destiny’s child. The title of Destiny’s child song seems to be the main theme for the songs that he had uploaded above. Whatever that means…?

Both Hwanhee & Hwayobi have left the cyworld world, i guessed we have no other means to peek into their personal jotting/ expressions. For now, we are looking forward to their upcoming albums. As always to wait for their duet would be a bonus for our long waiting. If that ever happens…

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