Hwanhee’s Cyworld Status update

27 Feb

On 25 Feb, Hwanhee updated his cyworld profile with the status below. It is quite a long status, that is briefly translated (may contain inaccuracies) as “Accidentally dropped some perfume bottles which are very breakable. I threw the pieces of broken perfume bottles. Repeatedly stung by the sharp glass. Although the liquid will be evaporated and leave nothing but the strong smell of perfume  filled the room”. Somehow it does sound like a metaphor or ….?

He has also uploaded the song “”Haru Haru/ Day by Day” by Kim BoKyung. You can watch the Eng sub song (click here). It’s a song about a struggle to let go of the one he/she loves.

“실수로 떨어뜨렸는데
그렇게 쉽게 깨져버릴줄 누가 알았나

깨져버린 향수병은 산산조각이 나 버렸고
유리에 찔린것을 반복할까하는 두려움에 다시 다가가지 않는다
아무것도 아닌 액체인줄알았는데
진동하는 향기때문에 코끝이 찡하다”
Hwanhee’s cyworld status, 25 Feb 2011

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