Sweet Farewell…

14 Mar

Beautifool Journey continues at Hwanhee ♥ Hwayobi Facebook

Dear HwanYobi lovers,

We have decided to just retain this beautifool memoirs as an archive site for Hwanhee ♥ Hwayobi Beautifool Memoirs. Hence, we will not be posting anymore news at this site. Please do visit Hwanhee ♥ Hwayobi Facebook Page (click above) for updated news on both of them.

We didn’t regret to re-open this site last year. As we were rather surprised to see  the growing number of new fans who have found our beautifool couple and loves them dearly. We are happy that this site get to spread HwanYobi love and may this love spread. We do hope that HwanYobi lovers will continue to spread HwanYobi love. As growing love is growing hope too.  That’s the sole purpose of why this site exists.

This is my last post here as I may need to continue on a different journey. But this beautifool journey will always be a beautifool memoirs for me. The facebook page will be solely administered by SQD66 sis, please do support her in continuing this beautifool journey. To our dear couple, may one day we may get to celebrate a real joyful and blissful communion. I believe in every true blue HwanYobi lovers, there will always be this hope, maybe hidden but that hope will always surface in times we missed their presence. HwanYobi lovers fighting! Hwanhee & Hwayobi fighting!

Goodbye! Thank you for visiting this memoir and keep HwanYobi LOVE ALIVE!!!


41 Responses to “Sweet Farewell…”

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