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This Beautifool Memoirs was created for dedicated fans from all over the world of We Got Married’s delightful “Gaettonge-ne” (Dog Poopie) couple, Hwanhee and Hwayobi. This is your abode to reminisce about good times. While for those who just recently discovered our couple, this is a candy store you can lose yourself into.

The archive is where you can find our special repository of posts written by legions of international fans at Soompi Forum-Hwanyobi Thread. It is our treasure chest filled with wonderful memories of and about our couple. From the episode summaries, to generous translations by the lovely and passionate translators leandrosxxi & Ga_Yeon; the frothy, whimsical musings, analytical conversations–especially with the discovery of the X-file (Episode 31’s deleted scenes and interviews)Hwanhee’s  X- FILE & Hwayobi’s X- FILE the spot-on discoveries and captures of the couple’s sweetest moments, smoldering glances.

Our Special Thanks to Leandrosxxi & our DC INSIDE Galler Sisters and Brothes from Korea who wonderfully shared their  heavenly treats  in the form of translated radio interviews and fascinating ‘bionic ear’ captures of snippets of conversations, and plenty more that will make your sweet tooth ache. Do make haste and click on the links as the honeyed treats await you.  Promise you’ll leave with so much happiness that your heart can hold.

Penned by Hwanyobifan


Hwanyobi Fanlisting by Hwanhee – Online

joinhyobi1credit: hwanhee- online

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Visual Memoirs
This is repository of photos, videos and audios clips  of our couple We Got Married (WGM) moments and their “post- WGM life”.

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Archive Collection
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We Got Married Episodes Downloads
You can download it at Tung Tung Fansub or HHNBMEDIA for Hwanyobi Cuts.

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