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Live (Eng sub): Hwayobi’s Booty Call

28 Feb



(Eng sub) Hwayobi’s “uNi” & “iLuvMe”

27 Feb

uNi (Written and composed by Hwayobi)

translated by: Han Ahreum/ subbed by: Crazsri

iLuVMe (Written and composed by Hwayobi)
translated by: Han Ahreum/ subbed by: Crazsri

Younha’s new single written by Hwayobi

10 Jan

(English Sub) Younha’s “Please take care of my boyfriend” written by Hwayobi

The lyrics is rather heartbreaking. It is about a lady who knows that her man is in love with someone else. She knows that he is happier with the other lady and will still “look after him” from a far.  Lyrics translation below…

Yobi was the guest for Younha’s concert on 26 Dec 2010. Yobi did a duet of this song with Younha and she also sang, “Bye Bye Bye”. Really hope to hear Yobi singing this song, although the lyrics is quite heartbreaking but this ballad is beautiful.

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(Eng Sub/Romanji/Hangul): Hwayobi’s latest MV

17 Oct

credit: Translation by Han Ahreum/ Subbing by Crazsri

There were minor errors in the earlier subbing. This is a new subbed MV.

(Eng Sub) Hwayobi’s “A Woman Like Me” MV

16 Oct

credit: Hwayobi-enchantedhaven

For those who are still struggling in understanding the MV ^^. A dear fan, Malene has her thoughts on it “Real life is not full of constant beauty all the time. And love is not simple. While the melody (and vocals) of this song is beautiful, the lyrics are not. (Well, it’s beautiful in the sense that it’s well-written, but the content of the song is not beautiful. It’s sad.) So I think maybe that’s what the director wanted to convey, that humans are sometimes far from Hollywood beauty, and love is far from simple, and it gives us many feelings. (Hence the different, sometimes weird expressions on their faces.) I think the MV goes well with the song, and it was also able to capture the pain and confused feelings…”

credit: Yobi’s cyworld

“Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.”
~Confucius –

180610: (Eng Sub) Hwayobi on YHY Sketchbook

2 Oct

Credit:hwayobihavenmedia YT/ Crazsri

In this interview we can see many sides of Yobi from her wittiness to her sensitive side. As always her quirkiness never fails to make others laugh and her sensitive emotional side makes one to teary too while watching it. Yobi ssi fighting !