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Hwanhee is back on cyworld again!

13 Mar

It seems that Hwanhee is back on cyworld as he has re-opened his photo section and has posted, “I’ll be back” on his wall post previously. He has posted a photo of Beckham as his profile pic. Currently, the song, “Love is in this club Part 2” (listen here) by Usher is played on his cyworld music list. Previously, his cyworld music was playing a rock ballad by Boohwal, “Secret” (Listen here). A beautiful yet sad song. Parts of the lyrics in english below.  For the recent devastating news of earthquake in Japan, Hwanhee has also expressed his concerns and condolences to his Japanese fans via his fansite and manager’s twitter. Our condolences and prayers to our dear friends in Japan too.

Boohwal’s song “Secret”
빈 의자와 마주앉아서, 가끔 나 혼자서 말을 하고
Sitting across an empty chair, sometimes I speak by myself
언제부턴가 나도 모르는 사이, 자꾸 뒤돌아보게 되고
I don’t know when it started, I often look back

비밀처럼 계절이 흘러, 상처 들이 아물어 가면
Seasons changed like a secret, wounds heal
설레이던 너는 설레이던 너는, 한편의 시가 되고
Fluttered you, fluttered you, becomes a poem

너무나 보고싶어서 보고싶어져서, 가끔씩은 두눈을 감곤 해
I miss you so much, I come to miss you, sometimes I’d close both my eyes
너와 나 사랑을 하던 날들과 헤어지던 날을, 난 간직하게 돼
The days when you and I loved each other, the day when we broke up, became a memory

너무나 그리워져서 너무 그리워서, 너의 이름을 홀로 부르곤 해
I long for you, I long for you, your name like flows to my lips for me to call
너무 사랑해서 너무 사랑해서, 넌 내 안에 늘 있나봐~ 있나봐
I loved you so much, loved you so much, seems like you’re always inside of me~ you’re there
credit: Boohwal english fansite


3/3/11 Hwanhee Singles magazine interview pics

4 Mar

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Credit:as tagged,H superstar

HWANHEE-소원MV (fan made)

3 Mar

credit:hwanheeism yt

Hwanhee Stormy Lovers Fanmade movie

2 Mar

Credit”0802hanami YT

HWANHEE (Let’s not)- Stormy Lover MV

28 Feb

Credit:Hwanheeism YT

Hwanhee’s Cyworld Status update

27 Feb

On 25 Feb, Hwanhee updated his cyworld profile with the status below. It is quite a long status, that is briefly translated (may contain inaccuracies) as “Accidentally dropped some perfume bottles which are very breakable. I threw the pieces of broken perfume bottles. Repeatedly stung by the sharp glass. Although the liquid will be evaporated and leave nothing but the strong smell of perfume  filled the room”. Somehow it does sound like a metaphor or ….?

He has also uploaded the song “”Haru Haru/ Day by Day” by Kim BoKyung. You can watch the Eng sub song (click here). It’s a song about a struggle to let go of the one he/she loves.

“실수로 떨어뜨렸는데
그렇게 쉽게 깨져버릴줄 누가 알았나

깨져버린 향수병은 산산조각이 나 버렸고
유리에 찔린것을 반복할까하는 두려움에 다시 다가가지 않는다
아무것도 아닌 액체인줄알았는데
진동하는 향기때문에 코끝이 찡하다”
Hwanhee’s cyworld status, 25 Feb 2011

Hwanhee duet with new singer, Im.

22 Feb

“Why Love MV Part 1


Part 2

Another beautiful duet from Hwanhee and we are still bitting our nails for HwanYobi duet.  When O’ When…?  There’s 3 parts drama MV, all the 3 MVs can be found here.

Hwan Hee participated in the production of IM’s debut song “Why Love”, which was revealed through various online music sites on February 22nd.

IM and Hwanhee share a special relationship, as they both shared the same practice room. Approving of her skills and vocal talent, Hwanhee took the initiative to take the trainee under his wing, and gave her personal vocal lessons on tone, emotion, and much more.

“Why Love” is an R&B song produced by composer Rhee-Jaye, which expresses the pain of a break up through IM’s powerful vocals, and is bolstered by the addition of strings and piano. The singer, who trained for five years to reach her debut, is sure to astound her listeners with this gorgeous new song.

Netizens also approved of the debut track, as they complimented, “The beautiful video fits the sad melody so well,” “Rookie singer IM and Hwanhee’s voices are heavenly harmonious”, and “It’s this winter’s last sad ballad”.

credit: allkpop