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Finally, Hwayobi wrote to the fans!

11 Mar

Click here for the photobook

12 Mar Updated: Translated by Crazsri. Edited by Han Ahreum from lovinghwayobi fancafe, & she has added some parts.

Finally, our dear Yobi has written to the fans at lovinghwayobi@daum fancafe. She sounds so happy and chirpy and amusing too…We missed you so much Yobi! Yobi has also wrote her thanks to fans at who has come together to create a special book for her. She has specially wrote that she will took a photo with it…soon..very soon!! And yes Yobi you must be on TWITTER many fans want to hear from you. Below is the gist of what she has posted, translated by Crazsri. For Yobi to has received the special book, that means she is also aware of BeautifoolMemoirs site, as a note was left for her to visit this site. Who knows, Yobi will  or may have peep by some days ^^.

“Hi everybody..I’m Yobi…

Eventhough I have not written for a very long time, I have come into the cafe everyday to see what is written as well as your feedback. Firstly, I am very very thankful for all the valuable birthday messages.
Among them, a “A to Z” book arrived at the new office, really really very very touched!
Of course Korean fans are precious, but the international fans came together and wrote cheering messages to approach me from foreign countries, and took photos and made it into a book. Really very very touched.
As for the request for photo of received as proof~~!! not yet posted ^^
I was trying to take the photos but due to the seasonal change, my face is a little dry… Now that it is Spring, I can wear pretty clothes and take the photos. Really all your  precious sincere heart, made my boring (prosaic) life energetic (lively).
30th birthday.. I wanted to spend it nicely but I can’t, therefore I just spend it quietly.

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Live (Eng sub): Hwayobi’s Booty Call

28 Feb


(Eng sub) Hwayobi’s “uNi” & “iLuvMe”

27 Feb

uNi (Written and composed by Hwayobi)

translated by: Han Ahreum/ subbed by: Crazsri

iLuVMe (Written and composed by Hwayobi)
translated by: Han Ahreum/ subbed by: Crazsri

Hwayobi’s cover “Like a star” (Corinne Bailey Rae )

23 Feb

Credit:KoreaMusicTube YT

This is an old video during her promotion for “Bye Bye Bye” at SBS FM Choi Hwa Jung Power Time

Hwanhee is closing his cyworld

21 Feb

22/2 Updated: Overnight, Hwanhee has changed his cyworld status to ” 나란인간 대체어떤인간인가” – literal translation is “Is any human being who I am replacing” / “Who am I…what kind of person am I ?” – Wonders why he posted quite a sad sounded status. Or maybe it is related to his new upcoming album. Maybe.

Today, Hwanhee has updated his cyworld with a profile status of ” 보낼수밖에”/ Leaving” , with a message he left on the front page that says that he will be leaving cyworld for a while and to his friends to call him on the phone.

The last song he posted on his cyworld is “You that I can’t send away” by Park Hyo Shin (Eng sub here). For the past weeks, he has been posting rather fallen songs about love struggles such as, “Moving Mountain” by Usher, “I hate you” by Jung In and “Stand up for love” by Destiny’s child. The title of Destiny’s child song seems to be the main theme for the songs that he had uploaded above. Whatever that means…?

Both Hwanhee & Hwayobi have left the cyworld world, i guessed we have no other means to peek into their personal jotting/ expressions. For now, we are looking forward to their upcoming albums. As always to wait for their duet would be a bonus for our long waiting. If that ever happens…

Hwayobi, “I still keep in contact with Hwanhee.”

20 Feb

Below is an old news which was published on 17 June 2010, where Hwayobi was interviewed on YTN news. However, I just found its full translation, translated by Juliana@InvisionFlytotheSky. After Yobi confessed about her break- up in early June, there were streamings of questions on her friendship with Hwanhee. It is interesting that the newscaster took the opportunity to ask her on TV. Even on radio shows during her mini album promotion,  there were casual questionings of her friendship with Hwanhee. Similarly, when Hwanhee was promoting his 2nd mini album, he had to undergo similar “casual interrogatiion”. I guessed once a couple appears on “We Got Married” show they will always be associated since we are all still confused on what we see is just on reel or for real ^^.


[Newsen Reporter Kim Sohee]

It has been revealed that Hwayobi is maintaining her friendship with Hwanhee to this day.

Singer Hwayobi has answered to the question if she is still friends with Hwanhee on the bradcast of YTN News&Issue’s ‘News&People’, “Yes we will keep in contact as friends.”

Hwayobi and Fly to the Sky’s hwanhee were on the MBC program ‘We Got Married’ as a make-believed married couple. They received popularity on the show when Hwayobi protrayed herself as a 4-Dimensional personality and Hwanhee was protrayed as a ‘Bad Guy’.

When asked the question, “Have you ever been more than friends?” Hwayobi answered smiling, “We have always been friends.”

On the other hand, the break-up of the relationship between Singer Sleepy and Hwayobi made the fans sad. There were rumors about Hwayobi’s song ‘Bye Bye Bye’ hinting the signs of break-up.

Credits: Reporter 김소희, Translated by: Juliana@InvisionFlytotheSky

Their unforgettable Valentine’s Day Duet..♥

13 Feb

View here *Opps I actually gave the wrong video before.

You can read the Valentine’s day posting at soompi which made most of us went LOVE DAZED watching their concert photos and vids. You can read it from this page (click here). On that very day, the special gifts from overseas fans by us were delivered to them too (click here for the gifts). or the gifts from Korean fans here.

““Meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was a choice,
but falling in love with you I had no control over.”
– anonymous

Below is the concert review, from the HwanYobi fans who attended the event courtesy of Leandrosxxi sis posted on 14 Feb 2009.

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