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Hwanhee is back on cyworld again!

13 Mar

It seems that Hwanhee is back on cyworld as he has re-opened his photo section and has posted, “I’ll be back” on his wall post previously. He has posted a photo of Beckham as his profile pic. Currently, the song, “Love is in this club Part 2” (listen here) by Usher is played on his cyworld music list. Previously, his cyworld music was playing a rock ballad by Boohwal, “Secret” (Listen here). A beautiful yet sad song. Parts of the lyrics in english below.  For the recent devastating news of earthquake in Japan, Hwanhee has also expressed his concerns and condolences to his Japanese fans via his fansite and manager’s twitter. Our condolences and prayers to our dear friends in Japan too.

Boohwal’s song “Secret”
빈 의자와 마주앉아서, 가끔 나 혼자서 말을 하고
Sitting across an empty chair, sometimes I speak by myself
언제부턴가 나도 모르는 사이, 자꾸 뒤돌아보게 되고
I don’t know when it started, I often look back

비밀처럼 계절이 흘러, 상처 들이 아물어 가면
Seasons changed like a secret, wounds heal
설레이던 너는 설레이던 너는, 한편의 시가 되고
Fluttered you, fluttered you, becomes a poem

너무나 보고싶어서 보고싶어져서, 가끔씩은 두눈을 감곤 해
I miss you so much, I come to miss you, sometimes I’d close both my eyes
너와 나 사랑을 하던 날들과 헤어지던 날을, 난 간직하게 돼
The days when you and I loved each other, the day when we broke up, became a memory

너무나 그리워져서 너무 그리워서, 너의 이름을 홀로 부르곤 해
I long for you, I long for you, your name like flows to my lips for me to call
너무 사랑해서 너무 사랑해서, 넌 내 안에 늘 있나봐~ 있나봐
I loved you so much, loved you so much, seems like you’re always inside of me~ you’re there
credit: Boohwal english fansite


Hwanhee, “There are no plans for…”

7 Sep

Hwanhee, “There are no plans for Fly to the Sky activities for 3 years.”
Credits: Reporter Yang Ji Won Translation: Juliana@InvisionFlytotheSky
Source: isplus news

Hwanhee said, “I don’t appear on variety shows that don’t match my personality. Even though I appeared in MBC’s ‘We Got Married’ with Hwayobi 2 years ago.” Hwanhee said, “I am currently watching the young folks on ‘We Got Married’ and I wonder if they should change the title to ‘We are Dating’. *laughter*”

060910: Hwanhee on Showbiz Extra

6 Sep

(Eng): Arirang Showbiz Extra

credit: Myhwanheechannel

(Eng Sub) Hwanhee MV

6 Aug

credit: Translated by Candykpop/ Subbed by AznSamManTV

Hwanhee MV Teaser I’ll be Hurting More

14 Jul

credit:shwanhee YT

I’ll Be Hurting More English Lyrics below

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Hwayobi videos on Veoh

12 Jul has opened a video channel on Veoh since youtube has been strict with copyright issue. Moreover, veoh allows full upload of the videos. Two full shows of Yobi on Mnet ThePub and “Sebakwi/ Quiz Change the World” have been uploaded. You can view these videos at the Hwayobihavennet Veoh channel. The summary on what was shared during the show can be found under the video description.  Enjoy !!! Videos/ Summary credit: Han Ahreum

“Come to Play” English Translation bits
A dear kind soul has kindly translated Yobi’s parts for her guesting on “Come To Play”  with her good friend, Lyn and Gummy.  It is always awesome to know what she had shared. Interesting facts about Yobi and her friends, read it here…as always you will love it ^^. Kamsahnida Han Ahreum !

Hwanyobi’s sharing about his ex- gf

8 Mar

Posted/ Translated by Leandrosxxi
Soompi page 148/Post #2948

More musings about Hwanhee’s sharing at this page onwards…

Here gose the translation of the article about what Hwany talked on Yasim-manman show.
the origianl article News en

Hwany from FTTS gave an episode how he took back a girlfriend after breaking up that he confessed his love with a song.

Hwany was on the SBS Yasim-manman show and he confessed of his separation and reunion with his girlfriend from the past

On the show there was a section which the subject was taking about ‘ a song which makes your heart even more painful after breaking up with your partner’, Hwany started saying ‘ in the past I had a girlfriend when I was in a difficult situation changing my representative agency’

Hwany said’ she wanted see me always but I was annoyed with her coz I was in a very difficult situation,
the day before she went aboard to work I said to her to break up, and told her to find someone better than me,’

According to Hwany he regreted a lot after what he had done and he really missed her that he called her ,
but she already became very cold and she was with someone else who were very kind to her long before

But Hwany couldn’t give up, he said’ I begged her to give me another chance’, ‘ finally I could regain her with a song’
,Hwany’s confession caused many interests

This Hwany’s touching confession will be aired on Yasim-manman show 11.10 p.m on Yasim -manman show